The mission of Resurgence Church is to STUDY the Word of God, LIVE the Word of God, and SHARE the Word of God. It is our conviction that God has spoken, both in the universe that He has created, and most especially in His Word, the Bible. It is only through the Word of God that our minds and lives can be changed. All other attempts of mankind have failed. Most importantly, man is unable to save himself from the hopeless mess that he has created. Enter the Lord Jesus Christ: who died for the sins of the world on a cross and who then rose bodily from the grave in order to serve as our way to God. Jesus now offers eternal life and forgiveness of sins to all who would simply believe in Him. This LIFE is not just a future possession but a present reality and it is the goal of Resurgence Church to LIVE the NEW LIFE that Jesus has provided moment-by-moment, day-by-day, relationship-by-relationship, so that the whole world would know that we are His disciples, by seeing our love and unity with one another. 


Grant Brown Community Pastor

Hi, my name is Grant.  I never thought I would be doing anything close to helping pastor a church, but due to God's intervention, here we are :) Through much growth in the Word of God, my wife Heather and I came to the realization that the community directly around the church and the kids in it is exactly where and who God wants us spending our time on.  I have the repeating joy of serving the community alongside Heather and our son Landon, as we intentionally serve together. 
The kids and young adults in the community are our main focus as we pour into them the things of God that we have learned right here at Resurgence. My long term vision is for my family, and those we serve and love, is to come to know Christ more deeply and it effect our lives for the Glory of God, being made manifest in the community at large. I am excited to fulfill my role here and look forward to serving The Body of Christ for years to come.  


Eric DeLong Worship Pastor

My name is Eric DeLong and I am the worship pastor at Resurgence. I graduated from Kentucky Christian University in 2005 with a double major in Biblical studies as well as Arts and Humanities, minoring in Youth & Family Ministry. After graduating college I toured in a band called The Apprentice before joining Resurgence Church. I moved to Evansville in February of 2007 to help plant the church and it has been awesome, challenging and a catalyst for change in my own heart. It is an honor and privilege to serve in the local church. In 2012 I married my awesome wife Meagan and we have two cats (Lord Frodo Sebastian Williams – DeLong the Great, and Bolt). I love music, (everything from electronica to singer songwriter), art, coffee, recording music and all things Kentucky.