August 2018

Tom teaches on Acts 14:1-7. The Holy Spirits lives within and guides us, even during persecution. There is joy to be found in following the Spirit's leading through good times and bad. How wonderful to have God's indwelling Spirit with us every moment!

Grant teaches on Acts 14:8-19 where Paul and Barnabas come to Lystra and heal a lame man. The Greeks living in Lystra mistake them for the gods Hermes and Zeus, but Paul and Barnabas desperately urge them to turn away from the vain pursuit of gods that don't exist and follow the One who made the universe. Will you choose eternity over vanity?

Grant teaches on Acts 14:19-28 in which Paul is stoned by Jews who came a long way to discredit and kill him. After being dragged out of the city, he dusted himself off and went back into the city to make more disciples. He went into places where he knew he wouldn't be well-received. We're no different than him, and we too can enter the fray with boldness, because both we and Paul have God on our side.

Grant teaches on Acts 15:1-11 and Galatians 2:15-21. The yoke of the Gospel is light, and anyone who would front-load or back-load the pure Message of salvation is standing in the way of their own assurance. 

Posted on August 5, 2018 .